Medicate or Meditate ?

Trying to heal your depression with spiritual practice alone can make the condition chronic and prone to relapse, says a new study. Physicians and long-term meditators Roger Walsh, Robin Bitner, Bruce Victor, and Lorena Hillman explain why both antidepressants and meditation have an important role to play in treating depression. Click to read more Text…Read more

By larry in , , , on December 14, 2010

The Boomerangers

As I was driving home from work last night and I happened to be listening to CBC radio. I love CBC radio by the way. I caught a bit of the program The Current: Shift which featured an interesting documentary on those twenty-somethings who are becoming known as The Boomerangers. They may have `boomeranged’ or…Read more

By larry on November 23, 2010

Caring For A Loved One With Dementia

Caring for a family member or loved one with dementia or other health conditions can be overwhelming. Family caregivers are often referred to as “informal,” as their work is unpaid and often unrecognized. While paid, or “formal,” caregivers typically have training and a clear job description, family caregivers frequently provide all of the care necessary…Read more

By larry on October 29, 2010

What’s Your Time Perspective?

Let’s imagine that my sofa is a time machine and it rapidly transported us back in time. Can you take it to a place in the past where you and your husband were getting along well? What were you guys doing that made you feel that things were better then between the both of you? …Read more

By larry in , , , , , , on October 23, 2010

The Power Of Self-Control

In 1968 Stanford psychology professor Walter Mischel performed a series of tests on four-year-old’s referred to as The Marshmallow Experiment. Mischel would give a child a single puffy white marshmallow, then leave him or her alone in the room with it. Before he departed, he’d make each kid a delicious offer: if they wanted to,…Read more

By larry in , , , on August 15, 2010

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