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Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples

Over the course of time, many couples need assistance, guidance and sometimes therapy to help their marriage and relationships overcome problems and thrive towards success. Having a successful marriage is one of life’s greatest pleasures and yet nearly 50% of marriages end in divorce. The statistics on divorce rate is alarming and says something about…Read more

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Mind Health Toronto

I’m thrilled to give you the update that my dream of creating an interdisciplinary mental health care centre has actually come true. THE BIG NEWS IS THAT I LAUNCHED MY NEW WEBSITE THIS WEEK!!! Please visit us at and say hello to the wonderful people involved in our community.  Tremendous gratitude goes out to Jeremy Otto…Read more

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Emotionally Intelligent Marriages

What can make a marriage work is surprisingly simple says relationship expert John Gottman. Happily married couples aren’t smarter, richer, or more psychologically astute than others. But in their day to day lives, they have hit upon a dynamic that keeps their negative thoughts and feelings about each other (which all couples have) from overwhelming…Read more

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