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Building Stronger Relationships: The Power of John Gottman’s 5-to-1 Ratio

Conflict is an inevitable part of every marriage, but understanding how couples navigate it can be the key to a lasting and fulfilling relationship. Dr. John Gottman’s groundbreaking research, particularly the 5-to-1 ratio, offers valuable insights into what distinguishes happy couples from those facing turmoil. The 5-to-1 Ratio Explained: Dr. Gottman and Robert Levenson’s longitudinal…Read more

By larry in , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on November 11, 2023

Jokes: Medical Bloopers

MEDICAL BLOOPERS ON MEDICAL CHARTS! We’ve all seen sports bloopers and TV bloopers — well, how about Medical bloopers? Doctors LoungeĀ is a large online network of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals. They started a Medical Bloopers page on their website andĀ have collected all of the unintentionally funny things that doctors have written in medical…Read more

By larry in , , on August 17, 2012

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