This terrible pandemic has given me a renewed appreciation for all that I ordinarily took for granted. It’s actually quite profound.

Since physical distancing is the single most important thing we can each do right now to flatten the curve, I’ve fully switched my psychotherapy services over to VIRTUAL THERAPY. I feel incredibly grateful to be able to maintain my practice and offer support from the safety of my couch to yours.

You can e-mail me to book a session, if needed. 

Once this crisis is behind us, my deepest hope is that we never forget the lessons learned during this time. For me it’s been a reminder that WE DO ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT ONE ANOTHER. This is abundantly clear. I see this in the generous acts of kindness between strangers, the front line workers risking their lives, in every Zoom birthday party or celebration. We are social beings that crave connection.

When we look back on this moment 5 years from now, 10 years from now or 50, how will this moment define us – as individuals and as a society?

What has been your biggest take away so far? I’d like to hear from you: how has COVID-19 affected you and your family so far? How are you staying CONNECTED and what’s been the HARDEST challenge?

In Mind Health and Happiness,

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